a prayer and confession when things change


Oh Lord, who created with a word and set into motion the rhythms of seas and stars and sun and seasons, meet me now, in this in-between, in the tension of change. I thought because it was familiar territory, I would be better-practiced. But change unsteadies me anyway.

You are the God whose character is unchanging and whose Word is timeless, yet you subjected yourself to the changing seasons of life and earth when you sent your Son. Surely you have walked in the ways of tension and waiting, as I do now.

Show me your constancy as I count down calendar days. Show me your compassion as I anxiously list my needs (wants?) before you. Show me the hope of rest in you, as I listen for your voice. Be the steady voice of peace to me.

My tendency to settle into created comfort instead of Christ is evident in these days. My grasping at lesser things to fill the empty parts is a billboard for my insecurity. I confess the ways even now that I look to guard my laziness, defend my greed. Keep showing me Yourself, God, that I would see my sin for what it is and let your kindness lead me to repentance.

And when we settle and rest again, let it be in Your presence, with Your purposes before our eyes, Your energy in our bodies, Your Spirit leading us in the ways of hope and health and rest and life.