a prayer and confession over morning coffee

To the Godhead, present and perfect and infinitely knowing, be Thou my close comfort today.

I enter my days wrestling; morning comes and my mind is vulnerable to thoughts of impulsivity, of faithlessness, of self-absorption, and self-gratification. Before my feet hit the ground, I wonder at Your nearness and question our intimacy. God, who is faithful to make Himself known to His people, do that now for me.

Jehovah who is my provider, be for me today all that I need to accomplish all that will bring You glory. Be the words of kindness my children need, providing grace for the moment to mother. Be through me the warm place of confidence and loyalty my husband needs, providing words of affection and sympathy. Create in me space to receive the burdens, hurts, prayers, and hopes of those I love, providing strength to walk alongside the dearest companions in this life.

Father whose strength is unflagging, whose love in unyielding, whose might and knowledge are infinite - be for me today what I cannot make in myself. Create in me a clean heart, renew a steadfast spirit within me. Open my eyes to Your presence and gifts, that I would speak of You often.

When I pour this coffee, when I wipe down counters, when I assist with learning letters or hold sticky hands, make me aware of Your infinite and perfect love poured out over my days. Meet me at the kitchen sink, at the baby's crib, at the school table, in the laundry room.

Guide my thoughts to what is true and helpful, may I turn my eyes from worthless things.

O God, my help in ages past - be now my present and future hope. O eternal King, my refuge in days of old - be now my dwelling place. Great and holy are you, God, and from everlasting to everlasting. Your kingdom has no shadow, no end, no hopeless corners tucked into the night - indeed darkness is as light to You.

In the light of this morning, I praise You for being all I need for the day's demands. Light of Life, I worship You for being perfectly holy and wholly perfect. In the light of this new day, I rejoice, my Lord and Father, for You are my very life.

Be now my vision, my breath, my hope.