a prayer and confession over lesson plans

I homeschool our kindergartner. This has been a learning year for us both -- sometimes we feel as though we are thriving and learning, sometimes it is an effort just to mark ONE thing off the list. We are committed to yearly evaluating prayerfully what is the right fit for our family in terms of education, so while we may or may not homeschool forever, I still want to approach the planning and preparing with attentiveness and care. This is my magical little pixie of a daughter, after all! Because I struggle in my quest to find the "right" way to do things, I've found it important to pray and confess as I prepare for school. This may not apply to all readers, therefore, but I hope the principle can be an encouragement anyway.

God, who is the maker of all and the possessor of all knowledge, be present at my desk today.

As I make lists and go through curriculum and plan activities, remind me that I am not the end-all, be-all for my child. Because you made her and fashioned her in the secret place before I even knew her, You know her heart and needs intimately. You know her enthusiasm and her energy, You know her unique rhythms because you crafted them. She is made in Your image! And so I pause even now, to thank You for the gift of this precious daughter. Thank You for giving her to us and allowing us the unspeakable privilege of nurturing her heart and cultivating her mind and teaching her about rocks and snails and numbers and the sounds /g/ can make. I praise You for she is fearfully and wonderfully made and I honor You for the creativity and imagination and strength You placed in my daughter. Cause me to remember that she is Yours first.

Go before me as I choose stories and activities to engage her. Make a smooth path through phonics and math, that we would find together there is joy in learning and in learning how to learn. I confess my fear that I will miss important things or her education will be lax or lacking when I fail in patience or persistence. Remind me that this work of loving and teaching is unto You.

You are the God of language and science and poetry, who spoke the world into existence with a word. Thank You for the gift of sound and sight. Teach me to keep learning, that I would demonstrate for my daughter a love of learning and the humble spirit necessary to be a lifelong student.

Thank You for being present when we check everything off our list and for being present when we are essentially doing last week's lesson plans because we couldn't pull it together.

Thank You for being present when she enjoys watercolors and oil pastels, and when she grumbles through handwriting practice.

Thank you for being present when I feel rushed and ill-prepared, and for being present when I think I have it all together. (Remind me that I probably am somewhere in the middle.)

Protect us from contention and strife when we disagree and work in me the patient guidance that would most allow my daughter to thrive.

O God who gave wisdom to Solomon and sufficient grace to Paul and vision to John, provide now the wisdom and grace and vision I need to walk faithfully into our school days.