17: to you with the fancy camera

31 Days of Open Letters: A Blog Series at SarahSandel.com // An Open Letter to You With the Fancy Camera Hey, you.

Yeah, you with the fancy pants camera and the cutest dog/kids/husband/craftprojects on the planet.

You want can only get so far with online tutorials.

You really want to learn to use that thing?

I knew you did.

Because here is the thing - me and Caroline? We can teach you how.

You heard me.

We can teach you how to use that super fantastic camera that you spent so much money on and still wonder why aren't the pictures turning out the way I want them to?! Because we've spent years fiddling with dials and reading books and trying and erring and now we have a toolbox full of really great resources and a half-day workshop set up to share those tools with you. And because miraculously, we still have seats available for our November 8th workshop!

Technically speaking, here's what I'm talking about - quoting Caroline:

Our Beginner's Workshop is designed to better acquaint folks with their "fancy" camera and the power it holds in order to better capture their everyday lives. You see, not everyday is a "sit on a vintage quilt in a field of tall wispy grass at sunset and giggle at each other occasionally drawing your attention and grins in the direction of a lady with a camera" kind of day. Everyday is baseball games, impromptu tea parties and lazy days at the beach. They are dance recitals, steer shows and sitting on the back porch at sunset. They are orange blossoms in bloom, babies first grins and sunrises over the lake. Everyday is that gloriousness that God has granted each and everyone of us called this life, your life, that only you get to live and see and experience and remember.

Fancy cameras aren't meant to pull you away from all that, fiddling with foreign settings and innumerable combinations of f-stop, shutterspeed and ISO. They should be pulling you into it. What we hope to do is enable you to be more comfortable, more natural, with your camera in your hands, capture the moment by taking a better picture up front and then set the camera down and get out there and live it! So take a day with us. Come on. Let's hang out together, learn a bit, laugh a bit too and then head back to our lives and start celebrating that everyday that has been uniquely entrusted to us.

For those of you "visual learners" below is a little glimpse into our Spring Workshop complete with technical training, composition and lighting basics as well as hands on learning...

All photos by Caroline Maxcy Photography

So really, you guys! This is so exciting! A perfect pre-Christmas present for the shutterbug in your life or an I-aced-midterms prize to inspire your own heart behind the lens! Come sit with us in a cozy art studio cabin on the lake and learn how to make your camera work for you, so you can get to capturing those beautiful every day moments that make your heart go pitter-patter.

You can get the scoop at: This Is The Day Workshops [dot com] You can register by [clicking here]. You can see images from our past two workshops at [this gallery] right here!


31 Days of Open Letters: A Blog Series at SarahSandel.com