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Vera_0018 The internet is wonderful in many ways. Like, introverts get to connect in fairly non-stressful environments and can become pen pals (e-pen pals?) and discover lots of wonderful ways to connect and encourage. So today's post is from my new friend Amanda, who blogs at Salty Today. I have LOVED reading Amanda's blog and getting to know her heart for Jesus. She's a wife and mama to three littles and ministry director at her church. She writes with grace about her heart for family, for community, for the King. I love her attitude and perspective and am delighted to share 'Deeper Still', from her 31 Salty Letters series!

To those who need humble inspiration,

At times I feel like I’m running without a slower option. It seems my capacity is nearing threshold. And yet perhaps with age or wisdom I approach burden with a learned grace.

I had this picture in mind a few weeks ago, when heart heavy and weary worn I imagined that I was at the bottom of a well. That the depth of my sorrow couldn’t sag deeper. I fell into bed weary, and when I woke…

…the weight wasn’t lifted but the bottom of my well had increased.  And then a friend shared this quote with me:

“There is no pit deep enough that God’s love isn’t deeper still.”

Or as Ann Voskamp saysSometimes God will calm the storm for you, but sometimes God will calm you for the storm.

31 Days of Open Letters: A Blog Series at SarahSandel.com // [Guest Post by Salty Today - Amanda Whiting] To Those Who Need Humble Inspiration: Deeper Still

Sometimes we crave relief, which most often means removal. We pray, cry, for a removal of burden. God spoke clear to me. His relief was His increase. Deep calling out to deep, telling me to be still and trust His greatness. Let me take you deeper still.

I find humble inspiration in a new song we’ve sung during our service. I hope it can be a touch of relief to you as well.

The video with lyrics is here, and it’s a gorgeous song.

As for me I was dead in my transgressions I was bound to my sin, bound to condemnation As for me I was an object of His wrath And fully deserving of death, fully deserving of death

You saw me there, because of Your great love You saw me there, because You’re rich in mercy

You made me alive, when I was dead You raised me up, and seated me with Christ It’s by Your grace, that I am saved It’s through faith, it’s the very gift of God

Eternally, I’ve been bought with blood There will never be another sacrifice

 - Amanda


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31 Days of Open Letters: A Blog Series at SarahSandel.com

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