For quite some time I’ve wanted to be able to share words I’ve uncovered and grabbed hold of through my encounter with the Word of God. Below you’ll find a short study guides through one of my favorite passages of scripture, yours for the reading and study. I’ll be adding an additional study (Colossians) this spring, so check back often!

I hope you’ll be encouraged and inspired in your pursuit of Jesus.

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a study through mark 5:25-34

More often than not, you hear her described as “the woman with the issue of blood”. For so long it bothered me that we pointed to the miraculous story of interaction between Jesus and this woman, this woman he HEALED, and we called her by her sickness. This five-day devotional guide through this episode in Mark 5 was birthed out of my own struggle and tension with being named by my wounds, rather than by healing. It’s time we start identifying ourselves by the Truth - not the story we tell about ourselves, but the full story of the redeeming work of King Jesus in our lives.

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Paul’s letters are some of my favorite pieces of Scripture, but also leave me regularly perplexed! In 1 Corinthians he writes that we are “stewards of the mysteries of God”, as those who belong to Jesus. His letter to the Colossians speaks intently about the mystery that is “Christ in you, the hope of glory”.

In this week-long series, I spent time considering the first chapter of Colossians in light of our belonging-ness — the incomparable gifts that are ours in Christ, for those who have been transferred to His Kingdom. Join me in examining some of the glorious, hope-filled mysteries of a life lived with Jesus!