what i learned

What I Learned || Sarah Writes || sarahsandel.com I'm linking up with sweet Emily Freeman for this month's "What I Learned" post... And I had to think really, really hard. Because December went fast and there were many things I felt attentive to and distracted by and those two categories were in constant flux and/or opposition. (Did that sentence even make any sense? See? I don't know.)

But here's what I've got for what I learned in December:

1. I learned it's hard to not buy your kid every thing. This year the Happy Baby was old enough to unwrap presents and enjoy gifts and when I sat down to wrap presents, I felt a little sheepish about the pile of gifts for her. Did she really need five books, alphabet bath sticky things, two new clothing items, a sticker book and a tea set?! No. No she did not. She is not even two yet and has family who adore her. So I wrapped two gifts, put one in her stocking, and put the rest in the closet to save for her birthday.

2. Advent requires attentiveness. I wish I'd blogged every day during Advent. I wish we'd done more as a family to tell the story of Christmas. Because of the husband's work schedule, I felt like much of Christmas was done separately - me and the babe or he and the babe. But now I know that it's harder with a kid and can be more attentive to that next year.

3. I am a little bitter about other people's cold weather. I really, really, really wish we had actual SEASONS here. I don't need a snowstorm or anything, but I have only worn a jacket ONCE this winter. C'mon, Florida.

4. God defines need. People have often said that God provides faithfully and that "if you don't have it, you must not need it". I've struggled with that this month, as we've gotten several really frustrating pieces of seemingly-bad-news that include things about health insurance and how my husband will be unemployed very, very soon. I do know, quite factually and experientially, that God will give us PRECISELY what we need. But this month I realized, to my horror, that I really, really want God's provision to meet a very specific set of ideals I have for myself and our family. And He is more interested in showing me Himself and making me look more like His Son.


So, coming up in the first month of this new year (which, I know, everybody is OH SO EXCITED about and I'm all People, we do this every year. Calm down.) I'm going to be back on the Five Minute Friday bandwagon (wheeee!) and I'm also going to be part of a blog tour at Overcome the Lie, a social networking community that is driven by the desire to see women come to know who they are in Christ and to let His life be the measure of truth. I am super pumped about this!

So cheers to that new year, baby!