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1. Because of this article, I have ordered a dry brush and am interested to start trying it out! Who knew there was such a thing as skin brushing? I'll be sure to measure my results for ya. ;)


2. I'm new to Christa Wells' music. But since I got registered for the workshop at the Barn with her and Emily Freeman, I've been listening to her nonstop to "warm up"! This single in particular has made my heart happy this week:


3. I've been working on some design and set-up for my friend Trina, whose holistic health and wellness blogsite is coming in a few months! I'm so excited for her, for this project and the little role I get to play in it. Trina is a dear friend and her passion for families to learn a holistic approach to caring for themselves in mind, body, and spirit is such a gift. She's the one I call at random times to be like, "Okay, early stages of congestion in my girlie - what can I do?" and she rattles off five natural, gentle ways to care for a toddler with a cold. And, for the record, her advice actually staved off the cold entirely and we weren't down for the count like usual. ;) You're gonna be so stoked about her blog!

This Is The Day Workshops - Beginner & Entrepreneur Photographers || Caroline Maxcy Photography || sarah writes || sarahsandel.com4. Speaking of little roles I get to play in other people's work and stories, you're definitely going to want to stick around for the next week or so, in which I share some really exciting news about my role with Caroline Maxcy Photography and some upcoming projects Caroline and I have going. Just sayin'.

5. And last of all, here are a few good things I've read this week that perhaps you can peruse while in the checkout line or in the hammock or in between chasing kids around...

*  One Question I Ask Before I Pray For Clarity, by Emily P. Freeman (she's my fave. duh.) *  Learning to Walk in the Dark, by Barbara Brown Taylor (recent library book...moving slowly through...it's beautiful!) * The Best Kind of Secret, by Sara Hagerty ("No circumstance can inhibit my secret life in God." YES.)


And for grins, just remember whatcher mama said:

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