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So here are my miscellaneous thoughts and fun things for your weekend:

1. Jimmy Fallon does something fun again. AGAIN. I know, the mind reels. But I loved this video of "I've Got Good News And Good News", wherein Fallon asks local news anchors to deliver good news - things they "wish were true, stories that make us feel happy". So fun!



2. I got registered for Emily Freeman and Christa Wells' writer's workshop: At The Barn and am taking a road trip with two of my besties, come September! So, I'm basically kind of excited about that. Like, I AM SPEAKING IN ALL CAPS BECAUSE I CANNOT WAIT! Last year I wanted to go, but Things interfered. I may have cried when I saw the photos and read the recap. I'm so grateful God made a way for me to go this time!


3. I got to hang out with a friend from high school yesterday and photograph her little girlie. Just. All the magic. click to view images


4. This post from Sara Hagerty at Every Bitter Thing Is Sweet - go read the whole thing. But this - yes, this: "But Jesus prayed that His church would be one – not same. The theological stream or church or ministry where you land is often so beautifully-suited for you — but what might He have to show you from another — an eye, a hand, a foot — whose prayer and study of the Word and thoughtful consideration has found them reading different books by different authors and filing in to different pews down the street?"


And 5. This is proving to be so true:

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Hoping your weekend is sweet and restful and maybe involves homemade pizza or reading a new book or, you know, whatever makes you happy in your little corner of the world.