to celebrate & appreciate

Celebrate & Appreciate: Choosing Not To Compare || Two nights ago, a friend and I stood under a street lamp outside her building after a good jog. (Tangent: I occasionally jog, because I occasionally want to run 5ks, because I occasionally feel I want to invoke the kind of willpower involved in running without stopping or dying. I digress.)

We stood under the street lamp and compared our thoughts on a variety of subjects that young moms compare notes on. How our daughters are doing with [insert developmental stage here], how we balance time for marriage & ministry, and how we manage our energy to have enough for [insert other responsibilities here]. And as we talked and shared, we came back to a common theme: we spend an awful lot of our time wishing we were more like someone else.

It's not a matter of low self-esteem, exactly. But as wives, mothers, and women serving in ministry, we are surrounded daily by mighty and wise women and if we are not careful, our admiration can turn into comparison. And we find ourselves saying, "I wish I was more gracious, like so-and-so" or "Man, she is so wise and gentle...and I'm just...not."

My friend looked at me and said, "I want to spend more time celebrating and appreciating the women in my life, and celebrating and appreciating who God made me to be, rather than wishing I was more like someone else."

So that's our new commitment - to ourselves and to each other. We're attending to our own hearts and homes and ministries, so we can celebrate and appreciate what God is doing in and through each of us. Because it's enough that He's moving in me in the ways He is and I will rejoice over Christ in me. And I can rejoice over Christ's expression of life in and through the women around me, too - because He is enough.

Who can you choose to celebrate and appreciate this week, instead of falling into the comparison trap? And what can you celebrate and appreciate about your own self, rather than wishing away your beautiful gifts?


Also, note: I love the image above from So Shay - and it fits because IT JUST DOES. And because when I rejoice in you and rejoice in me, I am happily situated on the aforementioned corner.