the one dress project: day 6

Confession: yesterday I was in workout clothes most of the day, because I was cleaning, yard-working, and getting ready for today: baby shower day. (Two colons in one sentence? Is that even a thing? I heart punctuation.) So today, I had to gussy up that ole dress a little bit. Observe. the one dress project: day 6 || sarah writes ||


Leggings, denim shirt under, effectively making dress a JUMPER, brown belt and beaded necklaces that I cannot WAIT to tell you about! (Another blog post coming shortly on these...paper beads, Uganda, fair trade, empowering women. Yes. It's coming.) The thing I didn't love about this was just that many layers are warm for this Florida afternoon. Also, the shirt under the dress made me feel a little bulky. And, in a magnificent display of kill-my-vanity, I did not employ the liquify tool. For you non-Photoshoppers, the liquify tool is a handy little button that MAKESYOUSKINNIER. And my pure confession is that I frequently have used it to...tweak things. Namely, my hips.

But I am going for broke here with contentment. I am not liquifying these hips. These pictures are me. Hips and tummy and all. Because I am curvy and I take up space and I want to embrace it. Sure, I may always be in the "love to lose 15lbs" camp, but I am learning to be content in my own skin, in my own body. I am making healthy choices, I am honest about my intake and I'm working to be more consistently active. But this body is a gift - I am healthy and I am lovely because of Christ. And I don't need to liquify that.