the one dress project: day 4

Things I have thought so far: This dress is hideous.  I AM SO HOT. Am I going anywhere today? No? Okay, good. I hate this dress.

Yes, it is only day four. But maybe it's like a detox, where the first few days are the hardest and you have a headache, but then it levels out?

Yesterday I had coffee & cuban bread with two girlfriends and I wore the dress with a gray & yellow scarf, a brown belt, and wooden earrings & bracelet. And I sweated, because it's Florida and there have been no bi-polar weather motions to date. Today I anticipate sweating more, but I have a few commitments that require me to be in public, so I've layered the green cardigan over the dress, added a belt and a chunky coral necklace. I may or may not put on any make-up later. (That may be another project...oooooh, 21 days without makeup...hmmm...) Coco Chanel says that before you leave the house, you should remove one accessory. What does she know? So I added dangly mirrored earrings, to keep it sassy. Accessorize or go home.

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PS: Things the mister said when I asked him to take this picture: Okay, now? Do you want...wait. Are you posing? Tell me when to go.