Oh, hey, so this other thing occurred to me this weekend as I sat in church and listened to the pastor talk about stewardship (which has the potential to be super uncomfortable if not handled with grace and maturity as this sermon was. It was so good.). This is the thing that occurred to me: 31 Days to a Contented Heart: Satisfaction || sarah writes ||


I have spent a lot of time considering that contentment is a choice, that it requires discipline, and that contentment & dissatisfaction are not mutually exclusive. This is all true. As far as I can tell. You can be content without being fully satisfied in your circumstances.

But I want to consider what may be an obvious gap in my conversation so far: perhaps contentment and satisfaction are an acceptable companionship as well.

I have written, thus far, as though every single day presents a terrific battle for contentment and for the pursuit of a grateful heart. And I know those days are frequent and in some seasons more pressing than others. But there exists the reality that some days I wake up and feel fully, completely, wholly satisfied and content with where the boundary lines have fallen for me and I find that the overflow of my heart is a song of gratitude that requires little effort. So can I take a deep breath and enjoy that?

Last week was a very hard one for me, in terms of time management and relationships. But this weekend held some sweet, sweet moments where I allowed my Feeler to have its way because I genuinely felt grateful and full. My cup ran right smack dab over and I embraced the whole delicious mess of it. And I am so thankful for those moments.

So let me rejoice for today. Let me rejoice in the things that make me feel all whooshy and giddy. Let me rejoice in the Happy Baby's first experience with pumpkin guts and Facetiming with Grampy. Let me rejoice in the open doors and windows at a friend's birthday party, where there was so much sweet tea and tacos and raucous game-playing. Let me rejoice in reconciliatory conversations and picking up the clutter at the end of a long day.

Let me experience the satisfaction and delight brought by a weekend filled to bursting with good, sweet gifts from the Father.

Because this was a little bit of contentment for which I did not have to work and in which I found great joy. Thank you, Almighty God, for this kindness extended to even me...



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