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Psalm 9

I will.

I will.

I will.


I consider that the Psalmist, like me, had to override thoughts or feelings and so I rejoice with the “I will” – it means I have a choice! Hallelujah, I can choose to give thanks with my whole heart! I can choose to tell of His wonders with gladness. I choose, even now, to exult in God’s glory and sing praises to the Most High.

My own enemies seem insignificant comparatively – this world is so broken and the enemies to the kingdom so wild and rampant and working grief. But nonetheless, I am opposed in my own small and daily ways.

I come up against those enemies of pride, condescension, fears, anxiety – and when I do, the life of Christ becomes a stumbling block to those. I can take a deep breath, I can exhale – these things are not enemies of my own heart after all, they are enemies of Christ in me. I do not battle isolated and by my own strength – I am upheld by the abiding life of the risen Savior! It is a righteous Judge, defending me.

And He IS a righteous judge.

I can’t make sense of God’s justice and it certainly seems mysterious and at times outright absent. But ah, yes, I return to the glorious choosing of earlier – I choose to trust His righteousness judgment in His righteous timing. Justice as defined by the King. And so inexplicably and for His glory, the enemy –all enemies!— will come to their end. THE END. Perpetual ruin, where there is no life.

The agony and brokenness I can hardly bear to look at in this world will not merely have ‘served a higher purpose’, it will wholly reverse itself when the King returns to make everything sad come untrue. The Redeemer and righteous Judge? He will RESTORE.

Ah, what sweet restoration it will be! Bigger and fuller and more whole and holy than we can possibly conceive. True justice will be established by the Lord – He abides forever, righteous and just.

We needn’t fear, hallelujah! Our small minds construe the execution of judgment within our limited power to define justice…and so we worry and wonder, will it be right? Will it be enough?


God the Lord is a stronghold for the oppressed, a stronghold in times of trouble. Those who know His name put their trust in Him and will not be forsaken! He does not forget the cry of the afflicted.

So we pause. Breathe. Be silent. Wait.

Choosing again to sing praises to this Lord, to declare among our neighbors and friends and the whole broken world His deeds of extravagant mercy and wild love. We say, “See?! He will be gracious! We will tell of all His praises and rejoice in His salvation! Because the enemies of the cross of Christ? They will sink down – sink down deep into the pit they have made, into the net in which they hid to work evil. Our God is not sitting in obscurity to work some half-hearted plan of punishment – He sits on the throne of righteousness, executing a perfect and holy justice in the name of the Son, who came to rescue us.”

And we plead with God to make it soon. Come quickly, Lord Jesus, and arise – do not let man prevail in this. Our hope is in You to make things right and to do it soon.

I will give thanks to the Lord with all my heart, even as I plead for Him to work justice and peace among the nations.

I will tell of all His wonders, even as I intercede face-to-dust for those being sold and raped and executed at the hands of evil.

I will be glad and exult in God and sing praise to His name, because I believe that our only Hope of righteous justice is coming again and will come soon.

Come quickly, Lord Jesus...

* * *

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