praying the Psalms: psalm 46

As I read and reflected on this psalm, my prayers became less my own confessions and more prayers for my daughter. She is still small – a little woman with energy, creativity, and personality in abundance. But she will grow and since I cannot stop this process, I cover her with prayer. This essay is written as a letter to her.

31 Days of Praying the Psalms | prayers, meditations & confession on the Psalms | | Psalm 46

31 Days of Praying the Psalms | prayers, meditations & confession on the Psalms | | Psalm 46

Psalm 46

Dear Sweet Beastie,

I want you to know that it is GOD who is your truest and best safe place.

We tell you the old stories – that God spoke into nothing and made it something and that out of dust he made a man and out of the man He made a woman. We tell you that you are creative and imaginative because you carry the imago Dei – the image of Creator God. We tell you what we know of His character, because we too have heard the stories and we have weighed them over years and hurts and triumphs and we have seen Him at work in our lives.

There is much we do not understand. Much about the old stories and the ones He is writing that we cannot explain. But we are certain – certain, do you hear?— that there is God. ONE God. And that He. Is. Love.

So we are telling you now: this Father God who created you is always and only the source of your strength. Nothing else will make you strong. God is abundantly available when you need Him – an ever present help in times of trouble.

The world says and does a lot of scary things. There is danger and fear out there and I can’t change this reality – you will know both. And so if you must know the brokenness, I want you also to know that there is an earth-shaking, always-redeeming, unbreakable, mighty God who is working out His rescue plan. For now, you wield your swords and you fight imaginary sea monsters. But the imagery is not lost on me and the real-life monsters and dragons are not to be taken lightly either - so we will do our level best to equip you for the battle on the journey. You'll need a new Sword and you'll need to know that God is never, ever failing.

The Lord God is WITH you – He has a strong hold on His children. He does wild and lovely things to show Himself to His people. And we get to see Him and we get to rejoice in our Father God.

I want you to know that God speaks – His voice thunders in my spirit and whispers in my heart. If you turn out remotely like me or your daddy, you will need and despise and cherish His words to you. You will want to DO, when God says BE. And this one-and-only God will say to you, exactly as He says to me,

Be still, sweet one.

“I know you want to do All The Things, solve all the mysteries, make a way through the seemingly lost days and the fog and the waiting. But stop. Oh, be still. Soak up the oh-so-true-ness of Me, the One who is King over the waiting. The God of staying put and the God of adventure. I AM love.

“Be still. Cease striving and know that I AM GOD.”

Oh, my daughter. The God we know and love invites you to know Him, too! I can (and will) tell you that of all the world’s offerings, nothing will satisfy or settle you. Oh, but it is hard to believe that, isn’t it? I know you will have to find this out for yourself. The journey is long and arduous and thrilling – there is none like it.

The God of ages past and the God of Hope will be exalted through your whole journey, though. He will be lifted high in all the earth. Exalted in your comings and goings. And He is trustworthy and He is so worth losing everything for. I want you to know the richness of the trust exchange when you tell God "Anything. You can have anything." and He takes you up on it and rockets you through the sorts of things no one would ever think to ask for but oh, are just exactly what are good and right and holy. I know this because I would have never asked for infertility - but now I can call it a rich gift and in no small way because it meant you came to our family.

The ever-present God is tilling the soil and bringing life from death and He never stops bringing glory out of dying.

And so we pray, all the time and with deep groaning, that you will know: this God? He is with you – a very present help. He is our stronghold – the hiding place you’ll find nowhere else. We pray you will be still and know Him. And that by His mercy, your life will exalt the Lord Jesus.


31 Days of Praying the Psalms |

31 Days of Praying the Psalms |

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