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 Psalm 23

Lord, You are my shepherd;
I won't need anything
and I don't need to trick my mind into it,
because you supply it all.

You allow me to rest in Your provision.
You nourish me and satisfy me.

Thank you for continually putting me back into Your will,
as You guide me down a path that is pleasing to You
because Your name is glorified!

Even though at times I walk or feel or think in darkness,
I don't have to fear it and I will survive it, because You are with me.

Your Truth and Love correct me in my stubbornness and haste.
Thank you that I am able to meet any enemy - emotion, thought or person -
face to face, because You are within.

You have anointed my head and call me Your own.
You are my King, my Master and consistently hold me close.

My love for you is great!
But Your love is greater and my life is blessed.
I will remain with You!
Yes, I will remain with You.



* * * * *

Psalm 23: A prayer contributed by Kelly Pelham.

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