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“Blessed is the man…”

Father, thank you that there is always a way out from a downward progression – a way out of choosing self – a way out of seeking counsel from ungodly sources, siding with those opposed to you, dwelling with anyone or anything that mocks You or Your life in me. Thank you that you withhold no rich blessing from those who choose life over siding with scoffers. You affirm this in 1 Corinthians – that You always provide a way out for those who are tempted to choose death. Oh, God, that I would always accept the way out! That I would always choose Your life in me! That I would delight in You.

All my delight is in You, in Your ways, Your words. I have no good thing apart from You. Help me to choose daily to meditate on Your law – day and night. Let Your word be my first response. Let me be like that tree planted by streams of water – with deep roots, yielding fruits of Your Spirit in the right timing, by Your rhythms. Let me grow and flourish in Your word, Your heart for me and my family and community. I desire YOUR productivity – good as defined by You. I want to prosper on Your terms and in correspondence to the power of Your life at work in me. Give me Spirit-eyes to see the work you are doing and to rejoice at what You bring forth in Your time.

Thank you for saving me – so that I would know you and have confidence in Your life alone. Thank You for knowing my ways and my heart; for making me righteous in Your Son! And I praise you for the life-giving power of Christ Jesus, which keeps me from perishing in self.

“The Lord knows the way of the righteous – but the way of the wicked shall perish…”


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