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31 Days of Praying the Psalms | When I originally saw the Write 31 Days buzz begin back in the summer (because I know you think it is no big deal but WRITING FOR THIRTY-ONE DAYS STRAIGHT EVERY DAY IS REALLY HARD and everyone starts planning early), I thought I am not doing that mess again.

The first year I participated, I was wrestling through issues of contentment which, for me, were wearying and burdensome. I used the project as my process and was fairly "successful" in terms of actually writing every day. The Father did some sweet things for me then and I was magnificently encouraged - personally, spiritually, and as a writer. So naturally, the next year I linked up again, hoping -expecting?- a similar result for myself. My 31 days of open letters ranged from silly to serious, personal to nonsensical and at first I was sort of aimless. I didn't feel as though I was gaining anything (or really truly giving anything) until I got to my Open Letter to Infertility. That post got hundreds of views that month and well into the next. And the post that broke the blog was the post that healed me. I didn't finish my 31 day project. I bailed and felt zero guilt. But that post was what God used to break down my idols, reassure me of my value, and make way in my heart for new growth. It was a good thing.

But let's be real: writing every day is A STRUGGLE, MAN. It's a discipline and I didn't always feel inspired and so when the buzz started buzzing, I thought I just can't do it. I can't produce another thirty-one days of content - I can barely write once a MONTH here this year.

But over the summer I began doing some She Reads Truth studies with a girlfriend and, as a supplement to our study, began praying the Psalms. And towards the end of August I started to think, You know - this practice of prayer and adoration and's good for me. It's good for my heart and my soul and my mood even. I wonder...maybe it would be good for the blog?

I don't have a large readership. The idea is silly. I write when I write and out of obedience. It's usually an act of prayer or worship or processing for me. And I do love the feedback I get when something touches a reader...but I am not concerned with "gaining a following". What I am concerned with is whether or not my words are edifying and I am being true to who God has made me and who I am becoming in Christ Jesus.

And so, the Psalms.

I've asked several friends to join me in this practice of prayer. Men and women who will be using the Psalms in their own study and practice of adoration & confession. They are musicians, students, poets, husbands & wives, mothers & fathers. A community collaboration that I am VERY excited about - and grateful for. I'm praying this collective practice is used of God to encourage our hearts, to steady our knees which give way, and to strengthen our praise reflexes to worship & glorify the Lord more freely and quickly, day in and day out.

Thank you for joining us and we hope you are encouraged!

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31 Days of Praying the Psalms |

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