31 Days of Open Letters: A Blog Series at SarahSandel.com Sometimes there are just things bigger than you thought, harder than you thought, and it turns out, even when you are experiencing deep peace, you are not exempt from having feelings, too.

My Open Letter to Infertility two days ago blew up the blog. It was incredible. The comments and emails and feedback I've gotten have blown my mind and I'm shaky, realizing God is telling a story that is so much bigger than me. I've had hundreds of views on that post and that's a big thing for this little writer. I'm honored and amazed.

And now I need to breathe.

I'm not bailing on the whole project, but in the words of my handsome husband..."I got NUTHIN' right now."

The writing of that post, the confronting of my heart over this matter in a real and precious way, and the energy it required have left me in need of a refresh. And because I know grace, I have no guilt in telling you that my Open Letter Series will resume on Monday. I just need a breather, y'all. Thanks for grace to take one.

love, sarah