how sweet it is...

We sang this old hymn in church a few weeks ago... 'tis so sweet to trust in jesus ||

I caught my breath a little bit at that phrase...just from sin and self to cease.  Think on these things. Cease from self. Because when we are continuing in self, our own ways and means, we are exhausting our hearts and ignoring the inexhaustible supply of Life we have because of Christ.

I have an inexhaustible supply of Life.

I do. Today it's a little hard to "get" that. I am weary from the week - a normal week, but with a fussy twist, if you will. My eyes are adjusting to new glasses and seriously, it has made me fuzzy for days and that is a weird, out-of-it feeling. The Happy Baby is going through some sort of...I don't know, whatever babies/toddlers go through every so often. She is generally excellent at playing on her own and exploring things so I can a get a little work done around the house. But get this: she cannot, will not play on her own if I get on the computer. No joke. I can sweep and do dishes and fold laundry and any number of chores around the house and she sees me and talks to me and plays happily. But if I open up the computer to check email, write, pay bills, or anything...she becomes the saddest, whiny-est little toddler you have ever met. It's like she has RADAR. And I grumble and grow weary and want to just read something on feedly for a minute, for heaven's sake little one! But there is grace even for that busy, right?

I have an inexhaustible supply of Life.

I really do. There is enough in me, because of Christ, to manage my time wisely, to take list and rest and joy and peace from sweet Jesus, to nurture that Happy Baby even when she is more like the Whiny Baby and I am the Grumbly Mama. So, if I may, I'm going to take this next week to appropriate that Life - so that I may cease from self and take in the life and joy and rest and peace that belongs to me because of Christ.