for your weekend, volume 1


For Reading:

  • "We say we want pumpkins on the porch and a gold shimmer on the trees, but we forget that this beauty won’t only warm us, it will burn us, as encounters with the deepest, truest things always do." - A Terrible Beauty, thoughts on autumn by my favorite - Christie Purifoy

  • "It's so easy for me to see blindness in others, but harder to see it in myself, harder to let God's light reach my own dark parts. But that's always where God has me start." - a beautiful call for empathy in the church from Mary Dean - including a lovely printable of James 1:19 - "Let every person be quick to hear, slow to speak, and slow to anger." This was a good and gentle reminder for me. I even worked through the questions at the end with my five year old, which led to some conversation about how to respond when we feel like we are not being heard - and how to be better listeners to others. (Bonus! Mary is an illustrator with tons of fun and inspiring prints and wallpapers available - some for free! Browse her site for the scoop. We love her printable love notes for kiddos.) (Yes, occasionally I color.)

  • Lastly, of little to no importance: I can't pretend I haven't wished to dress like Kathleen Kelly. This article was a lovely little piece on how to balance that line between "literary and posh" (ha! the line I am always straddling... No, wait, I'm straddling the line between gym clothes and cut offs...) and reminded me that I probably want to go watch "You've Got Mail" soon.

For Listening:

  • The Big Boo Cast: I am just getting into Sophie and Melanie's podcast a little bit (not a big podcaster because too much aural stimulation is overwhelming to me and when would I listen to this when my children are not also making noise?!). At any rate. I love their friendship and easy manner. The most recent episode celebrates Melanie's new book, Church of the Small Things, and is just a lot of fun.

  • Speaking of - a charming lady I know has a growing podcast you may also want to check out: Chatologie with Angie Elkins. She chats with women about life, marriage, ministry, writing, coffee - and her voice makes me so happy. Another worth checking out!

  • And speaking of soothing voices - Emily P. Freeman's podcast The Next Right Thing. I love it for so many reasons: her voice is calm, the episodes are short and digestible, plus she has transcripts of each episode available on her blog! She's a writer, a listener, a creative director for hope*writers... just all around one of my favorites.

  • Lastly, not a podcast: Audrey Assad's album Fortunate Fall. Pretty much every single song. But my favorites are 'Help My Unbelief', 'I Shall Not Want', and 'Good to Me'. On repeat a lot these days, in that order.

For Thinking:

  • A friend shared this piece, Thought Life, from poet Chris Webb, in which he considers the power our thoughts can have over us. It was compelling, at times sobering. I caught myself nodding along or shaking my head - I texted my friend at one point during the viewing because I kept getting chills at how on point it was. He speaks of "my brain staging demonstrations to protest all things pure" and the battle that ensues. So worth the 13ish minutes! "The God who is making all things new does so with MINDS too. And if His Spirit found a house inside of you, then It. Is. WORKING." [I checked with my friend - originally shared here: Poets in Autumn Tour]

  • "At the very least, I can write what I have just seen. A tiny gift, but a good place to start." - for me, the writer struggling to be convinced of the value/validity of her offering of words. Article by Sarah Clarkson, for The Rabbit Room.

  • Because I want to communicate to my daughter that she is fearfully and wonderfully made...and that body acceptance starts with what she hears me saying at home. This video was a poignant reminder to love WHO I AM. (Along these lines, this wonderful FREE E-BOOK from Tim Willard and Jason Locy - On Being Pretty, An Open Letter to our Daughters.)

For Fun:

* * * * * * * *

We have no big plans this weekend. We may take in a movie, we will likely lay around the house, there will definitely be pizza night, and hopefully we'll all catch up on some reading.

Big plans? No plans? What are YOU up to this weekend?

xo, sb