five-minute friday: write

On Fridays, a bunch of brave writers gather over at Lisa-Jo Baker's blog, to all spend 5 collective minutes writing on a single prompt. You can check out her blog for info on how it works and then consider giving it a go yourself! Five minutes. No self-editing. Just real stuff. So here I am for this week's post, writing on write. I'm combining mine with my 31-days to a Contented Heart, for continuity! .......................................

five-minute friday: write content ||

This is my sweet Happy Baby.

She likes things, varied and ever-changing and when she's into it, you know it. Currently the Things include emptying my purse, wearing shoes (, reading books with animals (real pictures, not cartoons), and --clearly-- water. The wee lady wants to play in the hose/sink/bath/toilet/pool/lake and is so happy!

five-minute friday: write content ||

This is me.

I like things, varied and ever-changing and when I'm into something, you know it. Except four years ago when I woke in the middle of the night and God told me to write and I chickened out. For four years. I wrote here and there and I've told stories and taught at women's ministry events and I've fairly consistently journaled. But not in an "I'm clearly obeying God's middle-of-the-night request" kind of way.

About six months ago, He began to be a little more insistent and we began this little wrestling match. Because I am So Smart, I told God all the reasons I couldn't/wouldn't be able to write. This battle of wits (HAHAHA) ended with me on my parents couch, crying because I was just so scared of failing. My dad gently asked me, What is the worst that could happen? If you write...what terrible thing will come if you fail at blogging? And it made me laugh aloud because REALLY. Who thinks of this stuff? I'm not going to obey God because it might be uncomfortable and include failure along the way? It turns out I was just being ridiculous.

So I started here and decided to do what we are all doing: write brave.

But this is where my 31 days ties in for me. Because I also know I am to write content.

Not just about contentment. But I am to write content, knowing I am obeying the voice of the Father. I am to write out of love for Him and desire for His fame, content with words on a page, obedience typed out.

One of the questions we've always asked in our home goes something like this: if you never got anything out of it, would you still obey God?

If God tells you to try for a baby and you don't know if you'll actually stay pregnant, will you obey? If God instructs you to give sacrificially to a friend and there will be no return on investment, will you give? And if God tells you to write, because your story is valuable but may not be heard by masses and you may never know if it encourages a single soul and you may even fail or screw it up along the way and never gain a blog following and never write a book...will you write?

So, yes. The answer is yes. And this is where it comes true: I'm writing, content with obedience.