five-minute friday: fly

On Fridays, a bunch of brave writers gather over at Lisa-Jo Baker’s blog, to all spend 5 collective minutes writing on a single prompt. You can check out her blog for info on how it works and then consider giving it a go yourself! Five minutes. No self-editing. Just real stuff. I never read other posters before I go – makes it to difficult to hear my own words. So here I am for this week’s post: fly. ...........................

Five-Minute Friday: Fly || sarah writes ||

That man I married? We've used this word for about seven years now. When we first started dating and were pretty sure "this was it" but weren't ready to say "I love you", we would sign cards "I. F.l.y." - I flipping like you. I know. We were soooooo mature. But since then and now that we are old and wise (practical sages, really), we've taken to using it more purposefully and intentionally.

Five-Minute Friday: Fly || sarah writes || sarahsandel.comFlying is the thing we do because we make a choice every day to love, to forgive, to press through. It's exhausting at times, wondrous at times, and usually more fun than not. ;) And flying is the thing we experience when our cup runneth over.

Do you know?

When the grace of Almighty God is just running down all over your family and the perspective you choose to maintain allows you to genuinely see it, there is a soaring, a great, wild flying up of hearts. And there is laughter and delight, not because all is wonderful all the time, but because we've chosen to submit to one another out of reverence for God, we've chosen to dedicate our hearts and home to Him, and the great gift of it all just sends us into the wild blue.

This little gift? She is the heart soaring, belly laughing, head scratching, group hugging, slobbery kisses flying we do these days and it is all so good. We rejoice because of God's great gifts to us and we fly right up into His great love and roost there.