five-minute friday: finish

On Fridays, a bunch of brave writers gather over at Lisa-Jo Baker’s blog, to all spend 5 minutes writing on a single prompt. You can check out her blog for info on how it works and then consider giving it a go yourself! Five minutes. No self-editing. Just real stuff. I never read other posters before I go – makes it to difficult to hear my own words. So here I am for this week’s post: finish.


Five-Minute Friday: Finished || Link-Up at Lisa-Jo Baker's ||

I have decided that really, it is about never finishing.

It’s what I have every week: unfinished laundry, unfinished dishes, unfinished projects.

It could be a serious downer if I let it.

(And often, I do let it.)

But my days are not about finishing right now. My days are about surviving and creating something worthwhile and loving a wild little woman and getting as much sun on our faces as we can.

We start to color and move on to blocks, the picture unfinished.

I start to load the dishwasher and “Mommy, help, pees!” and leave the bowls & cups there, unfinished in dirty, soapy water.

The swimming pool has been inflated – and full – the last two days and is likely growing things, the yard needs mowing, the rats in our attic continue to evade the traps and if I pile all the dirty clothes up, which I am currently fearful of doing, I may be attending to laundry for days.

It is all unfinished.

But I’m learning my days are not measured out by tasks accomplished and projects completed right now. I’m having to relearn how to measure my impact and measure my worth. The value of a day spent in our swimsuits, blowing bubbles, reading Maisy books and trying new foods weighs differently now.

So I am struggling to let the other things go unfinished when it is valuable to do so, because my world is no longer bound by what I finish.

It is bound by how well I love and lay down my life for my family and that leaves a lot unfinished.