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of a morning

At times like this, where the moonshine and birdsong make an early morning so appealing, I'm grateful. So I lit my candle and I prayed actual prayers and I sipped coffee with frothy coconut milk and I waited for the sun to rise on the day. I can only hold the morning flurry off a few more minutes.

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in which I have very big feelings but also am tough

With my survival and wholeness secured, I was free to remember with alacrity the fact that I had been rescued on the beach, by handsome boys! In the days/years to come, when the dramatic rescue faded, what I remembered was the fire fighter who remarked —almost in passing— that the fifteen year old girl with the heat pack on her sting ray wound was TOUGH.

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the anti-hustle

Frankly, I feel a little bit of pressure by this whole “good things come to those who hustle; baby, you’re a firework” stream of imagery and quotes. I get a little anxious and my heart rate speeds up and I have a moment of oh, no, I am not sparkling enough to accomplish the MEGA THINGS I WAS MADE FOR.

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