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big obedience in small places

I do not need to measure my value or the value of my obedience next to someone else’s call. My “small” work at home, in our little church, around our community is not unworthy and it is not somehow less thrilling than the big, wild, social justice-y things that I read about. When we know the voice of the Father and we know His Word, we can obey whatever He asks of us.  

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rejoice & take courage

It feels like I am learning things all over again - I am learning who Jesus is, what He says about the Father, what the Father says about the Spirit. The Godhead Trinity – the holy mystery - how to interact with them. What do I even know? It all seems mysterious and far-off. And yet, inexplicably, not far-off.

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communion story

The bread and the wine were there on the table. Soft round loaf on a small plate. Rich red in a white pitcher. We were welcomed and we were wanted and we were there to worship the King together, in a tiny living room, late at night…“What is your first memory of God?”

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