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the anti-hustle

Frankly, I feel a little bit of pressure by this whole “good things come to those who hustle; baby, you’re a firework” stream of imagery and quotes. I get a little anxious and my heart rate speeds up and I have a moment of oh, no, I am not sparkling enough to accomplish the MEGA THINGS I WAS MADE FOR.

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on mother's day

This Mother's Day - rejoice with and for the mothers in your world. Let the know that they are amazing and worth celebrating! But don't be afraid to look for the woman who might not be celebrating, to remind her that she is nonetheless precious and valuable.

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rejoice & take courage

It feels like I am learning things all over again - I am learning who Jesus is, what He says about the Father, what the Father says about the Spirit. The Godhead Trinity – the holy mystery - how to interact with them. What do I even know? It all seems mysterious and far-off. And yet, inexplicably, not far-off.

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