advent: the waiting

“… come quickly to me, O God. You are my help and my deliverer; Lord, do not delay.” (Psalm 70:5)


When the heavens start singing, we’d better pay attention…

Christ’s birth was a slow burn across the ancient horizons. For 400 years, since the prophet Malachi anticipated the rise of his healing wings across the sky (Mal 4:2), the deep silence of space had been empty of all signs of a redemptive melody. The Magi (Matthew 2), seeing the first stirrings of creation’s new birth, began making preparations for their historic journey… To attend this, the opening overture of the New Covenant.

The Birth of Jesus, God’s Son, is truly the greatest feat and noblest symphony the heavens or earth have ever witnessed.

Never have the heavens or earth displayed such a skillful harmony as in the time of Jesus’ birth.

- Christ the King Presbyterian Church's 2009 Advent Celebration


This year, I am not going to miss it.

advent: the waiting ||

I am not going to miss the waiting and the longing and the quiet before the celebration, because we are slowing down. We are taking deep breaths. We are settling into some new rhythms and letting go of old ones and we are striving to be intentional. There are candles on the table and twinkle lights on the mantel and advent is stretching into our home and hearts.

We'll celebrate this year - with our church family and with our little one. We have a stellar advent calendar from this gal here and we are talking to the Happy Baby about Jesus' birth. So far, she just says "baby" and kisses him in the nativity. I am okay with that.

I am following Christie Purifoy's advent reflections on her blog and, like her, hoping to post each day leading up to Christmas. She writes in her introduction this year:

At Advent, we return to the beginning (a new year, a baby’s birth), but we are always closer to the end (a wedding supper and a kingdom fully come). Like the movement of our planet, sometimes the swiftest path forward is also a return. And so, I am looking back and pressing on. I am remembering what has been and welcoming what is to come. I am waiting. I am standing still. Dawn is streaming ever closer to eyes open and arms held wide.

And I know this: Someone has come. Someone is coming. And every day brings us more.

And this is what I want: more.

Not more stuff and not more decorations. I want more of Himself. I want more of JESUS. I want to know His heart for my family, His heart for the orphans & widows and I want to know what that means for us personally. I want to know His voice more intimately, so that I may say "yes, Lord...yes" when He calls.

I am waiting, with so many others who follow His voice, to hear Him and celebrate Him and rejoice in Christ the Lord, the newborn King.

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