5 things for your weekend

Here are five things for your weekend, since the post I am trying to write (and have been trying for weeks now) is just not ready. And since the weekend is ALL THE FUN THINGS. I get to have a hot date with my husband tonight (hello, Mexican food and Veronica Mars movie!) and we get to sleep in tomorrow (thanks to the grands for keeping the happy baby!) and then I get to shoot a wedding with the fabulous Caroline Maxcy (I love working with her)! Two fun things:

1. This stellar alternative to playards. OH MY LANDS. I definitely am adding this to my Subsequent Babies Wishlist. 

2. Because you needed to hear one more rendition of Frozen's "Let It Go." Believe me, it's a great alternative to this tune, which has been stuck in my head for days now.


Two sweet things:

3. A reminder from Emily Freeman that "productivity is not your god". In a world that measures success by busyiness and productivity, her post titled "5 Ways to Breathe in a Breathless World" is a refreshing reminder to take a deep breath. It goes really well with Tsh Oxenreider's new book (which I happen to be reading right now) Notes from a Blue Bike: The Art of Living Intentionally in a Chaotic World. So, there you go. Breathe, people.

4. Lisa-Jo Baker. Basically she is the sweetest thing. Her book Surprised by Motherhood just hit shelves and it's at the top of my birthday wish list. You can even download free chapters at that link. She does the BEST job at encouraging those of us who are "just moms"...and does it with courage and grace.


And one prayer, from John Baille's A Diary of Private Prayer:

Eternal Father of my soul, let my first thought today be of You, let my first impulse be to worship You, let my first speech be Your name, let my first action be to kneel before You in prayer.

For Your perfect wisdom and perfect goodness:

For the love with which You love mankind:

For the love with which You love me:

For the great and mysterious opportunity of my life:

For the indwelling of Your Spirit in my heart:

I praise and Worship You, O Lord.  Yet let me not, when this morning prayer is said, think my worship ended and spend the day in forgetfulness of You.  Rather from these moments of quietness let light go forth, and joy, and power, that will remain with me through all the hours of the day;

Keeping me chaste in thought:

Keeping me temperate and truthful in speech:

Keeping me faithful and diligent in my work:

Keeping me humble in my estimation of myself:

Keeping me honorable and generous in my dealings with others:

Keeping me loyal to every hallowed memory of the past:

Keeping me mindful of my eternal destiny as a child of Yours.  Through Jesus Christ my Lord.  Amen.


Cheers, friends. Have a happy weekend!