31 Days to a Contented Heart


I'm just crazy enough to think I can do it. I'm participating in The Nester's 31 Days of Writing - this is her fifth year hosting and my first year participating. There are literally hundreds of bloggers who link up for this challenge each year and I'm so pumped to be working on it!

31 Days to a Contented Heart || sarahsandel.com

Each day for the month of October, I'll be posting on a singular topic. It's probably going to be messy and imperfect and I may not be so edited and cautious of every word, because part of this is simply about the discipline of writing. Engaging one idea from many angles for the course of one month. I'm going to toe to toe with the Father on who He says I am and how I am to live - with gratitude and contentment. I've engaged this idea a little bit during my One Dress Project and I've been encouraged to consider how I can be cultivating a heart of contentment in other areas and by other means.

So tonight, I'll be linking up with The Nester. You can check back daily for updates - my goal will be to have my posts up before dinner-time each day. You'll be able to view my 31 Days page to follow along. It will become a sort of "table of contents" of each post. You can follow me on Twitter (check that sidebar, yo) and follow the #31Days feed for my posts and others.

Looking forward to struggling through what it means to genuinely cultivate a heart of contentment before the Lord and sharing with you what I'm learning!

31 Days to a Contented Heart || sarahsandel.com

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