motherhood, heartache, + healing

When our children came into our home through adoption, I began to see God’s heart more fully — because while the joy and gratitude we felt were enormous, we began to see so clearly that even though our kids were the answer to our prayers, they are not the satisfaction of our souls.

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less than glorious

We were created FOR His glory (Isaiah 43:7), we can image His glory (Matthew 5:16), the whole earth is full of His glory (Isaiah 6:3). What a relief to recall that the permanent presence and glory of God are not changed or diminished in any way by little ol’ me!

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adoption: a brave love

Yes, there is deep joy when a child is adopted! But adoption is often birthed out of deep loss. There is a complexity here that must be navigated with thoughtfulness and compassion for not just the families bringing home a child, but for the children they are raising and for the birth families who chose adoption.

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words matter

Words have a particular power. I read words, I read the Word, I search for the right words. Words matter deeply to me. And I have realized of late the futility of using finite language to speak of and engage with an infinite God.

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