On Adoption & Family

At the risk of sounding how I sound…every family is unique. There is no right road towards growing a family and there is no act of faith more valuable than another. Our journey towards parenthood started when we were surprised by pregnancy in late 2009. Two and a half years and four miscarriages later, we welcomed our daughter by adoption in the summer of 2012. Infertility is not a road I’d expected to walk and it shook me deeply. Over the years, as we prayerfully sought answers, we came to the unanimous conclusion that biology wasn’t our goal — loving children was. So we committed to pursuing adoption as our means to adding children to our family. Four and a half years after we brought our daughter home, after numerous heartbreaks and disappointments in the adoption realm, we brought home a son through adoption.

I’m still writing and compiling the stories, but here you’ll find what exists already and this is where you can return as I add more pieces to the story.

I LOVE talking adoption. It’s a complex and nuanced topic, within which are tucked the deepest joys and griefs. If you or someone you know are walking the road of infertility or adoption, I’d love to be a listening ear or possible resource for sharing thoughts. You can use the contact link at the bottom of this page to get in touch!


the story of the happy baby

I wrote this series when our oldest was a couple years old - it chronicles the experiences and emotions as we walked that first unexpected road to adoption! Our daughter was, for many years, referred to on the blog simply as The Happy Baby — because she was and is!


dear infertility

This was originally part of a 31 Days of Open Letters series, but has been the most-visited post on the blog since it was published! An Open Letter to Infertility speaks to accepting and rejoicing in the journey God chose for us, believing that His glory and my good are not mutually exclusive — because of His deep love!


Adoption: a brave love

Originally published by Heartland Living Magazine, this piece was hard-won. I had the honor of speaking with several other adoptive mothers and a birth mother, as I crafted words to convey the heart and hope that adoption can bring, even as it coexists with brokenness and grief.