a word

i wish i could sum it up succinctly, but here is the thing:

I am glad you are here for all the usual reasons: blog traffic is nice, sharing my work makes it feel ‘real’ or more valid, the internet can be a fun place to be, and so forth.

But the fuller picture is that I’m glad you’re here because I’ve prayed for years that as God reveals more of Himself to me, I can be a small part of His revelation to others.

Sometimes my words are holy - set apart for the good work of proclaiming the God I’ve worked through uncertainty and grief to believe is real and present. Sometimes my words are just the musings of a tired wife and mother, a jumble of reflections that aren’t particularly set apart or necessarily inspiring.

My entire life I’ve used words to sort through the mess of my inner world.

God spoke the world into existence with a word, with His eye on the full and eternal story of the Word made flesh.

I’m glad you’re here because I believe what we believe about God matters. And I believe words matter and that reading them can connect us to a grand and greater story almost, actually, too grand for words.

I pray you see the holy hope of God in this place and these words.


Wondering where to start?