1 Corinthians, Week 5


Nap time was a little frantic for just a sec…clearly I recovered my words…


If you missed last week, WE MISSED YOU! About half of us had some other things going on or hiccups in the day/week, so it was a cozy number on the couches and we’re looking forward to having your voice back in the mix next time we gather!

Remember that Paul is responding to questions the Corinthians have posed TO him, as they struggle through behaving like the set-apart people they are. SO much of their culture and struggles with self-absorption and pride ring far too familiar for comfort.

Of course the context seems perhaps strange and out of touch for us: food sacrificed to idols? And yet somehow, the “religious squabbles of antiquity” end up being actually quite pertinent to our own walks with Jesus today, as we consider gray areas in which we have to learn to trust and obey the leading of the Spirit of God.


To read:
1 Corinthians 8:1-13, 1 Corinthians 9, 1 Corinthians 10, Matthew 16:24-26, James 1:2-4,

To think about:
- Consider chapter 8, verse 9…in what ways have you seen the benefit/joy of restricting your own freedoms, so that a sister in Christ may be strengthened? Does this principle sit well with you or do you struggle with it?

- How should we, the body of Christ, members of a gospel-shaped community exercise our liberties and privileges? What is the “right way” to exercise rights? (Note: not in the human-rights sense that is such a broad conversation today, but rather in the Galatians 5 “no longer under the bondage of slavery” sense - we are set free in Christ)

- Engage the discipline metaphor in 9:19-27 (and maybe add in Romans 5:3-5) …how do you see this at work in your unique circumstances? What is the work of endurance laid out for you in these days? How are you seeing Christ at work in your circumstances? And if you are NOT, spend some time asking Him to reveal Himself to you in this.

To pray:

Father God, you are good always, present in my need, purposeful in your plans, and available when my heart is weary. Thank you for being my source and supply for EVERY encounter I have in my days, for every difficulty assailing me. You are sufficient of Yourself — I confess that I do not need You plus an answer, or You plus relief, or You plus an intervention. Help me, like Paul, to “determine to know nothing except Jesus Christ and him crucified”. Teach me to consider my circumstances in the light of “not I, but Christ”, that I would know You more intimately and trust You with more courage. I choose now to quiet myself in Your presence and wait for Your word…