1 Corinthians, Week 1


Before you come on april 3…

I’m so looking forward to discovering God’s Word together, as we plow through 1 Corinthians with Jennie Allen.

Each week I’ll send you an updated link with an “assignment” of sorts - something to read, something to think about, something to guide your prayers. You can write these things down or say them aloud or tuck them into your thoughts for our time together.

Do what you can, when you can do it - ask God to help you discipline yourself to time with Him in this book. But COME ANYWAY, even if the week gets away from you!


To read:
1 Corinthians 1:1-31, Acts 17:22-31, 2 Peter 1:3

To think about:
- What was the problem in Corinth?
- What have the Corinthians received as a result of God’s grace?
- What does it look like for someone to rely on the Spirit of God? What’s different about them?

To pray:
Ask God to open your eyes to the truth of His Word and to the power of the Holy Spirit residing IN you. Thank God for specific gifts of His grace in your life. Re-read 1 Corinthians 1:9 and 2 Peter 1:3. Thank the Father for His work on our behalf, which sustains us and matures us.


If you don’t love sitting still to read, consider using an app that will read these passages to you! :)
- You Version
- Dwell Bible

If you like a little more in-depth examination of the word, these apps (and websites) can offer you some additional commentary + research options:
- Blue Letter Bible [app] or [website] *free
- Bible Study Tools [app] or [website]
- Gospel in Life - 1 Corinthians series by Dr. Timothy Keller - [audio] *not free
- She Reads Truth - 1 Corinthians series by various - [website] *free

>> I LOVE sharing resources - these are not required reading, just ideas for those who want to go a little deeper!

Because we are cramming a 12 week study into 8 weeks, we may be doubling up on readings or videos during a few weeks. Please don’t allow yourself to feel intimidated by this! We’re in this for the joy of knowing God through His Word.

While I will work hard to keep us within the 6pm - 7pm time frame to honor those who have kiddos to get to in the evening, the coffee will be brewing by 5:30pm and my own evening chaos won’t begin till 8pm, so if the conversation lingers, be assured I won’t kick you out. ;)

If you have any questions: text me! 863-414-1010

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