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31 Days of Open Letters: A Blog Series at

Join me every day in October 2014 for “31 Days Of Open Letters“, a blog series I’m working on as part of The Nester’s Write 31 Days annual project. Here you’ll be able to view the collective posts as they become available. Starting October first, you’ll be able to follow along and, as each post becomes available, even skip around or save them up for later. Look at that. So many options. Last year’s series is still available and a blog favorite: 31 Days to a Contented Heart. So…you win!

Day 1: Dear Reader

Day 2: To My People

Day 3: To Myself, BEFORE I Had a Kid

Day 4: Dear Washi Tape

Day 5: Dear Sidewalk Chalk

Day 6: To Infertility

Day 7: To Everyone Who Reads

Day 8 – 12: [intermission]

Day 13: To The Soul Retreat

Day 14: To Finding Worship

Day 15: To Laura, Lucy, and Louisa

Day 16: To Who I Used To Be

Day 17: To You With the Fancy Camera

Day 18: Dear “Non-Toxic” Fingerpaint

Day 19: Dear Naptime

Day 20: Eat Like A Cave Woman

Day 21: Deeper Still [Guest Post]

Day 22: To My Husband

Day 23: To My GCBI Girls

Day 25 & 26: Dear Weekend

Day 28: To My Feeler

Day 31: The End