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in which i am quite brave, actually

I am asking God for a very specific thing and quoting His words back to Him directly in so doing. I think I will be changed as I do this.

I am considering that our present sufferings are not worth comparing to the glory that will be revealed in us.

I am writing out words every day and calling it an actual goal, instead of hiding behind “I don’t make goals because I always quit them”.

I am the Mystery Reader this week in my kid’s preschool class. I will be reading Max and Tallulah, a colorful storybook about two zebra friends. One friend believes he must do wild and exciting things to capture the attention of the other. But all along, she is waiting for him to just be himself. This is what I want for my daughter – to be completely herself. And that can be wild and exciting, or can be quiet and dreamy.

I am praying for a baby. I am crafting a bajillion things to sell in our “shop handmade for Christmas and support our adoption” shop that will go live in late October. Gestation through crafts. Whatever works.

I am making new friends.

I am going to stop eating sugar, probably, maybe, starting next week. Because good things start on Mondays. Or maybe I will start on Sunday. But I think my whole self will feel better if I do this.

I am slowing down the speed with which I agree to various commitments. Life is inexplicably faster, with a kid in pre-k and a husband on staff at a large church in a big city. And last week I felt swept away. So I am starting to stay “no” and I am very excited about it.

So, I am really very brave, you see.


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