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team sandel: a whole30 update

I wanted to swoop in briefly to update you on our Whole30 project! A few weeks ago we began this program as a way to reboot our brains and bodies with whole foods. We spent too much of the summer indulging and felt like we needed to reset our thoughts on nourishment. Two weeks in […]

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team sandel: the whole 30

So, here is a thing: the mister agreed to do a Whole30 challenge with me for the month of September. In part because we are totally addicted to sugar and not-actually-real-anything coffee and creamer… and in part because we know it’s good for us to sort of “reboot” our systems every now and then. Wellness […]

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in which i publicly admit defeat

Okay. Not defeat exactly. Today I am driving. By the time you read this, I’ll be on the road or already at my destination, to celebrate a darling cousin’s wedding. It’s a good thing I had some time to think beforehand, which is why I can now submit to you the following: I have seen and […]

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Fall Wellness Challenge

So, in fifty days, we kick off the season of Good Eats with the biggest eat of all: Thanksgiving! I can hardly believe it’s October, as I’m standing here in a tank & gym shorts (yes, I’m not out of pajamas yet – mom of one year old, here) and it feels nothing like fall! […]

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