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in which i am staying hidden

  I haven’t written since Advent – waiting for Christmas. It is now well past Lent – waiting for Easter. The silence of Good Friday. The unspeakable joy of resurrection. We are fully into Ordinary Time* and, against all hopes and expectations, our waiting has ended. The short of it is this, for those who […]

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on being known

Nine years ago today, I was nervously getting ready for a wedding rehearsal and folding programs with little brown satin ribbons on them. We practiced walking down the old carpet in the tiny chapel and we played it super cool. We ate Italian food in the fellowship hall, with checkered table clothes and garden lights. […]

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in which i don’t want to watch and pray

Every day I learn a little more of how little I know. How little I am in charge of. Last week, new friends (met through our shared consultant at Christian Adoption Consultants) flew to our state when they got the call that their daughter had been born. A month ago, when we exchanged numbers and […]

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waiting on the tide

I stood at the edge of the Atlantic ocean this weekend, sandy toes and pink shoulders – the whole works. Beach combing, looking for sea glass and shiny shells and I noticed that just beyond the shore, where the waves were breaking and rushing over the sand, there was rock. Solid and long – all […]

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happy eight years(ish)

Mid-November, we will celebrate eight years of epic disagreements, leaving cabinet doors open and dishes in the sink overnight TO CONGEAL INTO NASTY THINGS, not putting the laundry away in a timely manner, arguing over the way we argue, being loud in front of our friends, and bickering in front of my parents. We will […]

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