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to be bookish

Recently I have found myself making book recommendations. WHICH I NEVER DO. I am terrified of making recommendations. For most of my life, I have adopted my parents’ method of sharing books or movies, which is to say, “I [enjoyed it, was bored by it, really liked it, this one was okay], but I won’t […]

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a few good reads

I thought it might be nice to share something lighter (mostly) than all of my OH MY GOSH, I JUST HAVE TO ENDURE LIFE RIGHT NOW posts. Because while that is true, it is also true that there are days like today: both girls are sleeping (even though Little Bit has an ear infection and […]

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17 Things I Learned in 2014

a la Emily P. Freeman…writing on the serious and no-so-serious lessons learned this year 1. I was totally missing out all those years on Gilmore Girls. So now that it’s on Netflix, I marathon watch during naptimes. I long to banter like Lorelai. 2. The terrible twos are not that terrible. Maybe something’s still coming […]

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weekend things & stuff: 3

  1. Because of this article, I have ordered a dry brush and am interested to start trying it out! Who knew there was such a thing as skin brushing? I’ll be sure to measure my results for ya. 😉   2. I’m new to Christa Wells’ music. But since I got registered for the […]

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weekend things & stuff

  So here are my miscellaneous thoughts and fun things for your weekend: 1. Jimmy Fallon does something fun again. AGAIN. I know, the mind reels. But I loved this video of “I’ve Got Good News And Good News”, wherein Fallon asks local news anchors to deliver good news – things they “wish were true, stories […]

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