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on mother’s day

I have celebrated Mother’s Day since the day I made my mom one, way back in the 80s. Although, I suppose my active participation is suspect until the age of likely four, where I imagine my dad coaxed me into scribbles and handmade cards. And I have celebrated the day as a mother for approximately […]

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i am okay

In our backyard there are two big trees – I’ve no idea what kind, because I do not know things about trees – but they spread out well and wide and there is so much shade and only one spot of sun. So we put the inflatable pool on the grass in the singular patch […]

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labor & delivery

So, last January, my friend texted me saying, “Hey. Call me when you can. No big.” When I called her she gasped into the phone, “Hey. So. I want you to know that we are pregnant and I don’t know how it will feel for you, but I love you so much.” This would be […]

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