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concluding the one dress project

It was twenty one days of cultivating contentment in a really practical way: I wore one dress (the same one!) every day, for twenty one days straight. Yes, I washed it. 🙂 I wanted to tackle some of the most annoying thought habits I have. The ones where I compare myself to other women and […]

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the one dress project: day 8

This is a day late (not a dollar short, though), because let’s be real: sometimes a day is long and hard and you get yogurt splattered on the dress one day and then it rains for whole days and then you realize it’s noon and you’re still in pajamas. Which I don’t think is cheating. […]

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the one dress project: day 6

Confession: yesterday I was in workout clothes most of the day, because I was cleaning, yard-working, and getting ready for today: baby shower day. (Two colons in one sentence? Is that even a thing? I heart punctuation.) So today, I had to gussy up that ole dress a little bit. Observe.   Leggings, denim shirt […]

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the one dress project: day 4

Things I have thought so far: This dress is hideous.  I AM SO HOT. Am I going anywhere today? No? Okay, good. I hate this dress. Yes, it is only day four. But maybe it’s like a detox, where the first few days are the hardest and you have a headache, but then it levels […]

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