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praying the Psalms: psalm 63

Psalm 63 There is no one else but You – my God, the One and Only. I’ve sought after others – namely myself – miserable attempts to control or quirk things into some kind of submission. My little self-god at work. But no… There is no hope there. No life in self-direction, self-absorption, self-consciousness. My […]

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praying the Psalms: Psalm 19

Psalm 19 Years ago we sat on the beach with a bunch of college students and we considered that the ocean is actually telling of the glory of God and the way the palm trees sway is a kind of praise and we thought Man, one day we will know exactly what they are saying […]

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praying the Psalms: Psalm 40

Psalm 40 I waited patiently for the Lord. Alternately, “I waited, kicking and screaming, for the Lord.” But I think I am deciding that this can be prescriptive. When I am tempted to grow frustrated, or prideful or despairing…”No! I wait patiently for the Lord! That is what I do.” Because He inclines His ear […]

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praying the psalms: Psalm 8

Psalm 8 a response: When I look at all that you have donated (because what is creation if not the donation of existence to what has no existence in itself) – the mountains, the ants, the skies, the heavens, the dirt – I wonder.  Your name is more grand than anything we know or can […]

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praying the psalms: psalm 107

Psalm 107 Give thanks! The Lord is good and His love is never ending. We have each of us been redeemed from a certain death, and He has gathered us together as His body. Here is our story: Some of us had become wanderers, searching high and low, near and far, hungry, thirsty, achy, and […]

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